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Mortise Locks

C&D Locksmith provides affordable full range locksmith services for both residential and commercial establishments in the area of Lake Worth, Florida. We offer various industrial-grade locks to fit your changing demands for security while fitting the best budget.

When it comes to Mortise locks, you can never be wrong as it provides better security compared to your regular cylinder locks. Likewise, to ensure the best repair, maintenance, and installation of your Mortise locks, you need to hire our professional locksmiths at C&D Locksmith.

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What is a mortise style lock?

This type of lock offers better security than cylinder locks. For its installation, you need to cut a pocket in your door where it is to be installed. It typically has a lock unit which is pre-assembled when you buy a Mortise lock.

They come at a higher cost but are much more durable and can last longer. You can also incorporate a deadbolt with this lock for better security.

Is a mortise lock more secure?

Yes, it provides better security due to its structure, operation, and material quality. It has several components which include its pre-assembled lock unit, rose plates, two levers, deadbolt, latch bolt, and auxiliary latch.

How does a mortise lock work?

You have four main parts comprising a Mortise lock aside from the Mortise cylinder itself. You need to make a pocket or mortise where you will fit and install your lock. Aside from the durability of the door frame, the Mortise lock itself is made from high-quality metal pieces.

The lock body is not visible from the outside because it is inside the door frame and the one controlling the activation of your Mortise lock. The key must be inserted inside the key cylinder to activate the lock.

What is the difference between mortise and cylindrical locks?

There are two main differences between a cylindrical and Mortise lock are its components and installation. The former is easier and quicker to install compared to the latter. Meanwhile, the latter have various components you need to install in the pocket or mortise.

What is the difference between a mortice lock and a deadlock?

A mortice lock cannot be rotated without inserting the right key because its bolt is not loaded with a spring. Meanwhile, a deadlock is a type of mortice lock comprising of a bolt and keyhole.

C&D Locksmith offers installation, repair, and maintenance of top-of-the-line brands of mortise locks for homes and commercial establishments. Simply call our hotline to ask for a free quote or make appointments. We are accessible on round the clock basis, serving the area of Lake Worth, Florida. Call Now.

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