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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

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Magnetic Locks

Magnetic or electromagnetic locks are one of the most popular types of modern locks used in homes and commercial establishments. They are easy and fast to install in your doors. Likewise, there is very minimal hacking with this type of modern lock.

If you need professional assistance for the repair, maintenance or installing the right model of magnetic lock for your home or office, simply call us C&D Locksmith.

Our highly trained and experienced locksmiths will visit your place and check on your door to see what kind of magnetic lock is most suitable. If you need a higher security level, then we will install the best magnetic lock to meet your requirements.

How magnetic door locks work?

These types of modern locks use a strong electromagnet. It usually comprises of an armature plate and electromagnet. The attraction of these magnets is further enhanced when electricity flows through it. The holding force of these magnets is between 500 lbs to 1800 lbs.

For you to open the door, you need to have the right keycard access or the correct passcode encoded in its system. By doing so, less current is allowed to pass through the magnets which decreases its holding force and then unlocks the door.

How strong are electromagnetic door locks?

The holding force for a magnetic door lock would vary on its model, feature and function. For the usual doors in your house, you can install a magnetic lock with a 500-lb holding force. Meanwhile, some internal doors in apartments have magnetic locks with a holding force of 300 lbs or 600 lbs.

What is the difference between fail-safe and fail-secure?

A fail-safe magnetic lock becomes open or unlocked when there is a power outage. This is great for emergency exits in case there is a fire in the house of building. Power will be out during this emergency cases, thus, it is best if the emergency exits are free and open.

In contrast, a fail-secure magnetic lock remains locked when there is no electricity. This is a good choice for rooms holding valuable items or documents in the company.

C & D Locksmith is the go-to locksmith in Lake Worth, Florida when it comes to repairs, installation, and maintenance of magnetic locks. Simply call our hotline for emergency locksmith needs or a free quote for installing magnetic locks in your home or office.

We use the best brands of locks in the market which includes Securiton, Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, and more.


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