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Lock Cylinders


If the door lock in your house, apartment or office is not working, it can be probably due to a broken lock cylinder. Instead of replacing the entire door lock, it is more cost-efficient to replace its lock cylinder.

In Lake Worth, Florida, C&D Locksmith is the most trusted and affordable locksmith to perform repairs, maintenance, replacements and installations of brand new lock cylinders for residential and commercial buildings.

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Lock Cylinders

How does a euro cylinder lock work?

A euro cylinder lock has various parts which include the lock cylinder, cam, and the tumbler or pins. When you insert the key inside, it must fit perfectly to align all the key pins so the lock cylinder can be freely rotated.

As the cylinder lock is rotated, it moves the bolt which in turn rotates the cam and allows the door to be opened.

What are the different types of locks?

There are various types of cylinder locks available for residential and commercial establishments. You can readily call and talk to one of our lock specialists for advice and free estimate about it. Some of the most common types used include

  • Rim Lock
  • Single or Double lock cylinders
  • Mortise lock
  • Key in Knob (KIK) lock

Is it cheaper to replace locks or rekey?

When moving to a new home, apartment, or office, one of your main concerns is the security of your locks. Upon checking, if the locks are still in good condition, the best solution to ensure security is rekeying. With that, you will fit the lock to a new for it to be opened or closed.

Otherwise, lock replacement is the smart choice when the existing locks are already rustic or broken. Lock replacement costs more compared to rekeying.

What is a top lock?

When you have children who are clever enough to open and close door locks. We recommend that you a top lock for doors. These locks are installed on the topmost portion of your door which is beyond the reach of your children. There is a hanging latch which you can pull to unlock the door.

When it comes to cylinder locks, the expertise and experience of our licensed and bonded technicians will be of great use for you. We at C&D Locksmith is highly regarded as the leading supplier and installer of cylinder locks in Lake Worth, Florida.

Need professional assistance for repairing or installing your cylinder locks? Do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Get a free quote from us when you make that call.

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