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Lever Handle Locks

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Lever Handle Locks

C&D Locksmith offers a wide range of lever handle locks to maintain, repair, and install for all residential and commercial establishments. We are the leading locksmith in Lake Worth, Florida to provide immediate response for all emergency locksmith needs.

Whether you need a lever handle for your bathroom, hallway, cabinets, and other inside doors in your residential or commercial space, you can always count on us. Just give us a call for inquiries, appointments or free estimate.

What is a lever door handle?

This is also called as door levers which are commonly used on the inside doors of any residential or commercial spaces. Technically, there are two types of lever handles – on rose and on a backplate.

The classic ones are the lever handles on the backplate which has three mechanisms – lever latch, lever lock, and bathroom lever handles. For modern types, go for the lever handles on rose.

Likewise, we have pull handles for doors on your hallways.

Which way do lever handles go?

Most homeowners and remodelers would go for the lever handle with an upward curve for the middle section and the end part curved downward. Nevertheless, some lever handles are designed the other way – the middle section is curved down and end part is curved upward.

No matter what kind of lever handle direction you choose, what matters most is the consistency of your style.

What are the parts of a door handle?

Several homeowners are going for door handle locks because of its affordable price, easy installation, and low maintenance. Below are some of the common parts of a door handle.

  • Lever handle or knob – You hold this part with your bare hand to rotate or twist to open the lock
  • Latch device – the spring-loaded mechanism of the door handle which keeps the door closed
  • Strike plate – metal piece pushed by the latch once the door is closed
  • Box – the hole where the latch goes in

What is a door handle called?

A door handle is also called a lever handle or doorknob.

What is the mechanism inside a door handle called?

A latch mechanism is the one used in door handles. It is usually spring-loaded which retracts when you are opening the door, and closes automatically once released.

If you need any assistance on the installation, maintenance, or repair of your lever handle locks, do not hesitate to contact us C&D Locksmith. We provide affordable locks, door hardware, and services at the highest quality.

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