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Keyless Door Locks

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Keyless Door Locks

C&D Locksmith offers top-of-the-line keyless door locks for residential and commercial buildings. We offer affordable installation, repair, and maintenance services for all brands and types of keyless door locks in the market.

Most home and business owners are moving towards these kinds of modern locks because of its several benefits. Here are some of the common advantages for choosing keyless locks.

  • No more lost keys
  • No need to replace the door locks or rekeying when losing keys
  • No more key duplication
  • Away from the hassle of bringing several keys with you

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How do keyless door locks work?

Keyless door locks works in two main ways – electromagnetic and altered casual locking system.

An electromagnetic lock has a magnet and metal plate. An electric current goes through the magnet which sticks to the metal plate and activates the door lock. Meanwhile, the second type works by still using an electric signal coming to a correct passcode or fingerprint.

Is a keypad door lock safe?

Indeed, keypad door locks are safe with some precautions such as not letting anyone see your passcode. Further, most keypad door locks are made from high-quality steel and plastic materials that are not easily hammered or picked.

What can smart locks do?

Smart locks change the way how you protect your family and your business. It removes the hassle of lockouts and lost keys. It promotes convenience and reliable security which you can remotely access and control from a distance.

Features of smart locks

  • It uses number or pin codes that is between 4 to 12 digits in length.
  • For it to work, some would require a keycard access control
  • Some are operated using a scan of your fingerprint, palm, voice, or iris
  • Some can work on various ways such as using both a keycard and pin code

C&D Locksmith works with premier lock manufacturing company in the industry. All locks and parts we use in our services are made from high-quality materials. It is best if our seasoned locksmiths will take a look at your home or office to see what is the suitable keyless door locks for it.

Some of the best-selling keyless locks we offer to our clients include

  • Latch digital lock
  • Yale Electronic Deadbolt
  • Kwikset Kevo
  • Kwikset Digital Deadbolt
  • Schlage Camelot Deadbolt
  • August Electronic Lock
  • Mul-T-Lock Electronic Lock

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Best Seller Keyless Door Locks

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