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High Security Locks

If you want a lock upgrade, we recommend that you go for high-security locks. They have higher resistance against hammering, picking, and bumping. In that case, C&D Locksmith can be your best partner for installing and replacing high-security locks.

We provide a variety of these locks for both commercial and residential establishments in the area of Lake Worth, Florida. We sourced our high-security locks from trusted and known manufacturers such as Kaba, Medeco, Assa Abloy, Schlage, and the like.

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What is High-Security Locks?

High-security locks are very durable types of locks because it is made from industrial-grade, thick, and hardened metals. They have excellent resistance against forceful entry like hammering. It comes at a higher cost but all worthwhile because of its added security resistance.

Key Features of High-Security Locks

  • Intricate lock pins or internal keyhole design
  • Key Differ – None of these locks can be opened using a single key
  • Key Control – Most of these locks have intellectual patent protection, thus, duplication is very selective and controlled.
  • High resistance against lock picking
  • Anti-hammering or forceful entry

Can smart door locks be hacked?

In some cases, smart locks that are internet- or Bluetooth-driven have the chance of being hacked due to firmware problems and carelessness of users. Some of the things you need to avoid to avoid being hacked include

  • Passwords are made of simple texts
  • Attacks from unknown reply
  • APK files decompiling
  • Spoofing

For smart locks operated via Bluetooth, their security has been increased with Wifi-driven security measures. 

Are biometric door locks secure?

Yes, biometric door locks provide better security because it uses a combination of codes and fingerprint detection for activation. However, if the fingerprint does not match, it will require you to input the security passcode.

Is a keypad door lock safe?

Keypad door locks are completely safe and convenient to use for today’s modern world. The only thing you need to avoid forgetting your password. With these locks, no more worries about lost keys or rekeying. Likewise, you can easily monitor the access of all people in your residence or office.

If you need professional assistance for choosing and installing the right high-security locks for your home or office, you can contact us anytime.C&D Locksmith is the leading locksmith when it comes to high-security locks and keyless entry systems.

We are a licensed and bonded locksmith company offering premier products and services at a very reasonable cost.

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