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Electronic Door Locks

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Electronic Door Locks

When it comes to innovations with door locks for homes and business buildings, C&D Locksmith is your leading locksmith partner in Lake Worth, Florida. Likewise, if you want to install the right electric door strike for your home and office, you can call us anytime.

Our seasoned locksmiths will evaluate the material of your door frame and suggest the most suitable electric door strike to fit your requirement. Nevertheless, we only use top brands of these locks to ensure high-quality and durability that will last for a longer time.

Does an electric strike need a power supply?

An electric door strike would need a power supply to perform its locking and unlocking tasks. Current is needed to run over its movable keeper so that it moves and unlocks the door. Once there are no more current running, the keeper relatches again and the door is locked.

What is fail secure electric strike?

A “fail secure” electric door strike remains locked until power is back again. This is an excellent security system to protect your valuable assets when there is a sudden power outage.

In contrast to a “fail-safe” electric door strike, there must be a constant supply of electricity to make these locks work. Some models offer backup power supply to hedge on sudden power outbreaks in the area.

How does an electronic door lock work?

Most electronic door lock works without the need for a metal key. For it to work, it requires other forms of access control systems such as an RFID keycard, fingerprint or iris scan, and pin codes.

Once the right access control has been supplied (e.g., correct pin code), its motor sends an electric impulse to open the door lock. These modern locks are highly convenient and efficient.

How do you measure a strike plate?

Adjustment of the lip length of the strike plate is necessary whenever the door frame has unique trim. This is important to ensure that your electric door strike latches properly on the strike jamb plate.

To compute for the lip length of the strike plate, here is the formula

  • Add the following measurements below, and that results to the Lip-to-center dimension of your strike plate.
    • Half of the door’s thickness
    • Door’s inset dimension in the door frame
    • The estimated thickness of the trim
    • 1/4” for curved lip strike plates or 1/8” for flat lip types

C&D Locksmith installs, repair, and maintain the best brands of electric door strikes in the market which include Folger Adams, Von Duprin, Hes, Trine, and more.

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