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Door Knob Locks

If you want professional help from choosing and installing high-quality doorknob locks for your house and apartment, C&D Locksmith can be your most dependable partner. We are the leading full-range locksmith to service both household and commercial buildings in Lake Worth, Florida.

We have a wide selection of various brands and styles of door knob locks suitable for your residential inner doors. These locks are made from different materials to suit various preferences and budget of clients. It is best if you give us a call for assistance and free quotes.

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What are the different types of door locks?

There are various types of door locks available for residential use. Each type has its respective pros and cons which you have to weigh to know if it best meets your needs.

There are two main types of door locks – interior and exterior door knob locks. The difference between the two lies in its location in your house and its construction. Exterior doorknob locks are far stronger and have higher resistance against picking and forceful entry.

Interior door locks

  • Passage knobs
  • Dummy knobs
  • Privacy knobs

Exterior door locks

  • Keyless entry or electronic door locks
  • Keyed entry knobs

Are doorknobs universal?

When you want to replace your rustic or broken doorknob locks, you need to determine three measurements – backset, door thickness, and cross bore. To avoid any hassle, you must buy a new door lock which has similar specifications with your existing one.

  • Backset – This aspect usually measures 2-3/8” or 2-3/4”. It is the distance between the knob’s center to the door’s edge.
  • Cross bore – This is the hole made on the door frame’s edge which holds the door lock in place. It typically measures 1” to 2-1/8”.
  • Door thickness – Residential doors typically are 1-1/4” to 3” thick.
  • Borehole – For door preparation, the usual borehole is 2-1/8” in diameter.

Is there a doorknob that locks on both sides?

Yes, and this is called the double cylinder door knob lock. This enables you to key on either side to open or close it.

What is the difference between a passage doorknob and a dummy doorknob?

Dummy door knobs do need to be turned to open doors, unlike passage doorknobs. Both does not provide any locking or security feature and is commonly used for closet and cabinet doors. Passage door knobs are also used on hallway doors.

What is the lock on a doorknob called?

A door knob lock uses a lock cylinder in its security mechanism. The key is inserted inside the lock cylinder to align all key pins and enables you to rotate the cylinder and move the bolt to open the doorknob lock.

C&D Locksmith is the most trusted and affordable residential and commercial locksmith in Lake Worth, Florida. We are connected to the leading manufacturers of locks in the industry such as Mul T Lock, Schlage, Yale, Assa Abloy, Kaba, and more.

If you need professional technicians to repair, maintain, and install the doorknob locks of your house, apartment, or offices, call us right away. We can provide you with an accurate free estimate when you call our hotline.

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We are connected to the leading manufacturers of locks in the industry such as Mul T Lock, Schlage, Yale, Assa Abloy, Kaba, and more.

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