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Deadbolt Locks

In Lake Worth, Florida, C&D Locksmith provides a full range of repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation of deadbolts for households and commercial buildings. We provide different types and brands of high-quality deadbolts such as Mul T Lock, Medeco, Segal, Arrow, Kwikset, and Schlage.

Our seasoned locksmiths will completely guide you in choosing the best deadbolts to fit your security and budget requirements. Simply call our hotline for a free quote or appointment. We are available 24/7 to serve the area of Lake Worth.

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Best Seller Deadbolt Locks

Mul T Lock
Hercular Deadbolt
Maxum Residential Deadbolt
Jimmy Proof Top Lock
D series, E series
660 Series, 665 Series
B Series
Mul T Lock
Jimmy Proof Deadlock
Mul T Lock
Top Guard


What is a deadbolt lock?

Deadbolts offer higher security level compared to basic doorknob locks used in households and business buildings. This lock cannot be moved to unlock it, rather it requires a key inserted and twisted for activation.

The two main types of deadbolts in the market are the single and double cylinder deadbolts. Single-cylinder deadbolts are operated by a key on the external side while a thumb-turn on the interior side Meanwhile, a double cylinder is operated by keys on both sides.

Other types of deadbolts

  • High-security deadbolts
  • Anti-bump and anti-jimmy deadbolts
  • Deadbolts with push-button entry activation
  • Electronic and keyless deadbolts

Can you pick a deadbolt lock?

Deadbolts can be picked using a pick tool and tension wrench. The pick tool is inserted inside the cylinder and pushed inside until it is unlocked. Meanwhile, tension wrench is used to create that 90-degree bending on your thin compact metal piece.

What is the most secure deadbolt lock?

There are various deadbolts to choose from which match your needs and budget. Among the hundreds of models, the best deadbolt is the Kwikset 660 Single Cylinder Deadbolt. Nevertheless, our locksmiths will help you find other models and brands.

Can you lock a deadbolt without a key?

With some life hacks, you can lock your deadbolts without a key from the outside. Get a packaging tape and wrapped its end on the lever from the inside. After, run some lengths of the tape to reach to the outside and slowly close your door. Finally, pull the tape to lock the lever. 

Are one-sided deadbolt secure?

Absolutely, single-cylinder deadbolts offer high-quality security for homeowners and businesses. It has a hardened steel compartment on the exterior side which requires a noisy operation when a burglar will try to open it. Hence, it will alert the owner and its neighbors if someone is trying to break-in.

After you have chosen the best deadbolts for the security of your home and office, our experienced locksmiths will efficiently install them for you. They will test its functionality and give you tips on maintenance before leaving your premises.

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