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Cam locks

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Cam locks

Cam Locks are used to safely secure the cabinets in your home and business offices. They are designed to seamlessly lock your cabinets without decreasing its aesthetics.

C&D Locksmith provides top-notch installation, repair, and replacement of cam locks in the area of Lake Worth, Florida. We only use premier brands of cam locks which include Mul T Lock, Schlage, Assa Abloy, and more.

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How do cam locks work?

These cylindrical fasteners are driven through the wood. For a more secure function, it can be installed at the joints of your cabinets and furniture.

There are two main parts for a cam lock – the cam or metal plate and the main locking unit. Once you insert the key, you can rotate it at 90 to 180 degrees to unlock it.

What are cam lock fittings used for?

A cam lock fitting is composed of the grooved coupling and the cam. When you want to connect two hoses or pipes together, you will need to use a cam lock fitting. It does not require any tool to use these fittings to connect two pipes together.

What is a cam lock key?

This is the metal key used to rotate the cylinder or the core of the cam lock. Some modern models of cam locks used both metal keys and a pin code to reinforce security.

What is a cam screw?

Cam screw is a 2-part screw consisting of the cam and the screw. You need to fit the cam to one piece and the screw to another before joining them all together.

These cam screws are mostly found or shipped inside flat-pack furniture. They are mainly used to secure the assembly of your cabinets and furniture.

How are cam locks measured?

Before measuring, you need to remove the cam lock in its place. Then, follow the following steps below

  • Measure cylinder length from the rear side of the cam head towards the inside surface of the cam.
  • The common lengths of cam cylinders are 1-3/8”, 1-1/8”, 7/8”, and 5/8”.
  • Typically, you need to insert the whole tread during installation, and the difference between the thickness of wood and cam length is 1/4”.

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