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Which Are the Most Common Car Key Problems?

We all experience bad days, maybe once, twice, or thrice a week. Oftentimes, a non-working car key is a common bummer to your smooth routine. If you do not know much about cars and keys, your hair will be all around trying to figure out what’s wrong with it.

To ease that up, we have here some of the common problems regarding car keys and what is the root cause of it. Likewise, we included other relevant ideas about it.

Which Are the Most Common Car Key Problems?

Car Key Types

Today, we have typically three major types of car keys –  standard keys, transponder, and keyless entry remote. Each type has its corresponding function, benefits, and setbacks. Let’s get to know them more.

  • Standard Car Keys – This is the usual steel car key you insert in your car doors and ignition cylinder. It is practical and easy to duplicate and troubleshoot compared to the modern ones.
  • Transponder Keys – You have a transponder key to activate and lock your car. It offers better security level compared to standard car keys. Transponders contain a transmitter with a corresponding receiver incorporated in the car’s security system. The transmitter sends a specific signal that is compatible and interpreted by the car’s receiver device.
  • Keyless Entry Remote – It is a remote control with a few buttons for specific actions. Its operation is parallel to a transponder but the car is activated with a push of a button.

Common Reasons Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working

1. Damaged Lock

If your car key is not working, check if the lock of your car is working properly. This problem is common to old car models and very rare for modern cars operated with keyless remote and transponder. If this happens, better call the nearest auto locksmith service provider in town to save time and less hassle.

2. Broken Ignition Cylinder

If your car key works on the door locks but not on your ignition cylinder, then the latter is the major problem. Resolving this problem would take time, hence, calling for an auto locksmith is a better option. It leaves you the hassle and more time to focus on important matters.

3. Broken Key

A worn out or broken car key is one of the first major reasons why it is not working in the first place. Some parts of the key or transponder have been worn out through time which contributes to its malfunction.

4. Fob Batteries are Drained Empty

If you are using a key fob for your car then it is not working, a dead battery can be one of the reasons. Always have spare batteries inside your bag for situations like this. Replace the batteries and try to operate it again. If it works, then dead batteries was the problem and your key fob is just fine.

5. Internal Malfunction

Your key fob is working fine and the batteries were just newly replaced, but it seems not to open your car. In that case, there must be some internal malfunction happening inside the electronic system of your car. It could be some faulty wiring or damaged receiver.

6. Needs to be Programmed

Forgetting to program or pair your transponder or key fob with your car is typical problem, when you have just newly acquired a duplicate or replacement of the lost keys.

7. Car keys left inside the car or trunk

We are living in a fast paced world, where our lifestyle is always upbeat. There will be unforeseen instances where we accidentally left our car keys inside the trunk or locked in ignition cylinders. If you do not know anything about car lockouts, better call a car lockout service to unlock your car instead of making things worse.

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