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When Should I Replace My Door Locks?

Unless you maintain your door locks well, they will be weak and burglars can easily break into your home or business. That is why it is vital to understand when you should repair or replace your door locks. That way your security will always be at an optimal level and thieves will be discouraged to try and break in.


After A Bitter Divorce Or Break up

Although breakups are normal, bitter partners can try all they can to harm you or make sure you suffer long after your relationship is over. Therefore if you broke up bitterly or went through a bitter divorce that left your partner bitter and looking for revenge make sure you replace all your locks. 

After Moving Into A New House

When you move into a new home, ensure that you change or rekey all the locks. This will ensure that the former owners or anyone they may have shared the keys with can no longer access your home. That way you will reduce the chances of unauthorized people gaining access to your home and robbing you.

After A Tenant Moves Out

When you have a rental house, it is wise to ensure that you change the locks whenever a tenant moves out. This will guarantee the safety of the new tenants because no one else can access their house unless they have the new keys.

When An Employee Resigns Or You Fire Them

Whenever employees resign or you fire them due to various reasons, you may end up risking your home or business safety. Even if they return their key copies, you cannot be too sure they did not have copies. The best solution is to change all the door locks or rekey them so that the old keys cannot be used to open them.

In Case Of A Break-IN

Whether the attempt was successful or not, you cannot trust your door locks after a break-in incident. If the break-in attempt was unsuccessful, the burglars might have mastered your locks hence you need to contact a locksmith and have the door locks replaced as soon as possible.

C & D Locksmith is made up of a team of highly qualified locksmiths capable of installing a new door lock system and repairing worn-out locks, among other services. Give us a call today, and we won’t disappoint.

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