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What to do if you’re locked out of the house

Aside being locked out of your car, not being able to go inside your home can a day breaker. Instead of getting a good rest, you are hassled by this unforeseen event.

However, do not feel threatened or dammed about this event as it can be remedied in various ways. Here, we are going to share some thoughts about how to overcome residential lockout. Just read through the entire article to know more.

What to do if you’re locked out of the house

Tips for Resolving Residential Lockout

1. Ask help from your Family and Friends
Do not panic when you are locked out from your home. Call your nearest family member or friends for assistance. If you have given duplicate keys to some of your trusted family members, call them for help.

2. Locate other Entry Points into Your Home
Try to check if you have other open point of entry to your home, such as window, door, and garage. If there is an open window, try borrowing a ladder and climb up.

3. Try to Break the Door Lock
You can go to your trusted neighbor and borrow tools like screwdriver, credit card, coat hanger, or shoestring in breaking your door. This option only works with manual door locks, but not with electronic and automated types.

If your door lock has visible screws on the exterior side, you can unscrew it and remove the door knob.

4. Use a Bump Key
Using a bump key and a hammer can be an option as well for unlocking manual door locks. Insert the bump key inside the lock and hammer it to unlock one notch at a time.

5. Call a Professional Locksmith.
If you have tried all the options we have mentioned, then your last recourse is calling and availing the professional service of a locksmith. This is a good option, particularly for those with electronic home security systems. Never try to unlock them on your own as it can destroy the entire set up, and replacing it is more costly than hiring a locksmith.

What is the average cost for locksmith service

On average, the estimated price for availing a locksmith service is approximately $153, but it can run between $96 to $210. The complexity of the task will also influence the rate of the service.

Estimate rates for some Locksmith Services

The rates of locksmith service can vary depending on the current market rates in your city and the type of task carried out. Below are estimates for some of the typical locksmith services availed by people.

  • Mobile locksmith services charge a rate of $35 to $150 for morning residential lockouts. For holidays, weekends, or evenings, the rate ran between $150 to $250.
  • Standard key duplication hits between $1 to $4 per copy. Complicated or modern keys are between $3 to $20 per copy.
  • The estimate cost for rekeying your doors is around $40 to $100, then an extra cost of $5 to $25 for every cylinder.
  • Installation of a new door lock will cost around $40 to $100 and a labor cost of $20 to $30 for every lock installed

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