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What to do if Your Keys Won’t Work in the Ignition

It sometimes feels like our cars misbehave and fail us when we need them the most, and ignition problems can cause you headaches. At times you are in a hurry, and all you want is your ignition to turn to start your never-ending chores and activities. So why are your keys not working in the ignition, and how do you solve the problem?


Is The Vehicle In Park Or Neutral?

Vehicles that are equipped with an automatic transmission are designed to not start unless the transmission is in park or neutral. Other vehicles wont start unless you have your foot on the brake so ensure that your vehicle is in proper transmission then attempt to turn the key.

Check If The Key Is Damaged

For most vehicles if the key is bent or it has cracks it will not turn the transmission. Keys that are worn out may fail to engage the correct pins thus no matter how hard you try they will not turn in the ignition. You can flatten an unbent key by hitting it softly until it is in the initial shape then try to turn the ignition, if this fails to work then your key may be beyond repair.

Locked Steering Wheel

If you applied too much pressure when locking the car then the steering pin may have locked the steering wheel. Try turning the wheel, and if it does not move or moves slightly, it must be locked. To solve this problem, all you need to do is wiggle your steering wheel as you turn the key until the lock disengages.

Replace The Ignition

Consult your locksmith so that they can advise you about the state of your ignition. If it is very worn out, they may advise you to replace it to ensure the safety of your car.

Replace The Car Key

If the car key is worn out, bent, or cracked the best solution is to replace it and get a new key for your car. You can then replace or rekey your ignition so that you can use the new key to operate it.

Consult C & D Locksmith for all your car key replacement, ignition replacement, and rekeying services. Our automotive locksmiths are highly trained and efficient; thus, they will solve your car key problems in no time.

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