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What is Electronic Lock

With the advancement of technology, residential and commercial locking systems are moving towards automation or electronic locks. Typically, an electronic lock is activated by electrical pulses instead of the standard metal keys.

Today, several establishments and households are combining both electronic and standard locking system for convenience.

What is Electronic Lock

How Do Electronic Lock Works

Like the standard locks with keys, electronic locks have “actuators” which serves as a bridge between the cylinder or bolt and the motor inserted inside the door.

The motor is activated by electrical pulses which is produced by several options such as encoding the correct alpha-numeric code, keyless remote control, e-card reader, and scanner for fingerprints or eyes.

Further, some electronic locks have backup physical unlocking/locking features for situations where there is no electricity in town. This provides more convenience which is also applicable in case you forgot the code for your electronic lock.

Types of Electronic Locks

There are numerous options of electronic locks available in the market. Here are some of the commonly used ones in town.

  • Biometric – This type of electronic lock is typically used in commercial establishments rather than in households. Biometric comes at a hefty investment which is used for situations requiring high security level. Its mechanism involves scanning a fingerprint or retina of a person.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Locks (RFID) – This type works like the fob key in modern cars. The owner will have a remote control or card reader which sends a specific radio frequency to unlock and lock the system. Some setbacks about this type include limited range and costly replacement for lost or broken remote control or any transmitting device.
  • Bluetooth Activated Locks – Compared to the previous type, this one uses Bluetooth technology to remotely control the locking system of your door.
  • Magnetic Locks – This type offers more affordable cost compared to other electronic locks. However, this can be readily compromised like the standard locks used in homes. This type consists of an armature plate and electromagnet. When an electrical pulse is created in the electromagnet, the armature is attracted and the door is locked.
  • Electric Bolts – This interior type electronic lock is commonly installed in cabinets and doors. They have parallel features with a deadbolt but provides better security. Likewise, it is easy to install this type in your home.
  • Electronic Door Strikes – This type uses a spring that is activated by encoding the right pass code to retract the bolt and unlock the door. This type is commonly used for emergency exits in any establishment.
  • Electronic Keypad – This type is commonly used in commercial and residential buildings. You have an electronic keypad where you need to input the correct number combinations to unlock the door or safe.
  • Fail-Safe – This type of electronic lock can be manually controlled on the interior side of the door in case there are power outbreaks. The continuous supply of electricity activates its locking feature, and cutting off current flow will unlock the system.
  • Fail-Secure – This type is the complete opposite of fail-safe. A supply of current is needed to unlock this type, so during a power outbreak it remains locked.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Locks


■ For some advanced units, you can remotely monitor the people with codes coming in and out of the building or house.

■ No more problems with lost keys

■ Easy to install for majority of its types

■ Accessibility is very flexible for electronic locks. You can provide a temporary pass code for your friend who wants to enter the premises that is viable for a specific date and time.


■ There is a huge problem if you forgot your pass code.

■ Most of these locks are electricity-driven, so whenever there are         sudden power outages, the lock is rendered useless or compromised.

■ Most of it requires a higher upfront cost for the device and installation

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