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What is a Deadbolt Lock?

A deadbolt lock is a unique lock that is not activated by a spring, and can be operated by manual turning or a key. It is best installed in fiberglass, wood, or steel.

This type of lock provides an excellent protection for it can resist battering and jamming with credit cards or blade. However, it is not suitable to be installed in doors with hollow cores because it has thinner woods that can be easily battered and destroyed.

What is a Deadbolt Lock

What are the types of deadbolt locks

Generally, there are three classes of deadbolt locks – single cylinder, double cylinder, and keyless cylinder. Below are further discussions for each classification of deadbolt lock.

  • Single Cylinder Deadbolt – A door has two sides – the interior side facing your room and the exterior side facing outside the room. On the interior side, this lock is activated by a thumb turn mechanism. Whereas, on the exterior side, it is operated by a key. There must be no glass portion 40 inches from the thumb turn device.
  • Double Cylinder Deadbolt – In contrast with the single cylinder, this type is key-driven on both sides of the door. Upon installing, a glass section must be near or 40 inches from the lock.
  • Keyless Cylinder Deadbolt – This type uses an advanced feature that is activated using fingerprints or codes. Locking this type is done with a push of a button.

What makes an excellent Deadbolt lock

Knowing if a deadbolt lock offers maximum security is straightforward. It must meet the following requirements.

■ Its connecting screws must be able to pass through solid metal stock, and one-fourth inch in diameter at standard.

■ The head of the connecting screws must be on the interior side of the door, and none must be exposed on the exterior side.

■ Bolt must be made from hardened steel and protruding one inch from the door.

■ The cylinder collar must be crafted from solid metal and not hollow. It must be round, hard to grip, and tapered.

How much does a Deadbolt Lock Cost

The price of a deadbolt lock depends on its class and type. Meanwhile, the average cost for installing it is around $100 to $250.

Other variables contributing cost include transportation, labor, deadbolt lock unit, and the material where it is going to be installed. A rough estimation for the overall installation cost of deadbolt lock is between $135 to $145.

A sample breakdown for installation cost

  • $55 for transportation
  • $45 for drilling
  • $35 for the deadbolt lock
  • $50 when installing it on metal doors
Benefits of Using Deadbolt Lock

Several households and offices in town are shifting towards deadbolt lock due to its numerous benefits. Below are some of the common benefits from this lock.

■ It can withstand huge force from hard battering or pounding.

■ It cannot be opened by knife, credit cards, or crow bar.

■ It takes huge amount of time to unlock a deadbolt lock due to its mechanism.

■ It is a cost-efficient option for excellent security

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