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What Are Door Hardware Types?

When it comes to securing a home or an office door hardware types click into place. What about when considering the aesthetic value? The flash of beauty and authority when in your home or at your office.

Let’s dive right into their classifications:


Door Levers and Handles

A lever should be simple yet secure. There are various preferences when selecting a door lever. The most used one is a door lever fitted with a curved handle. Whether on your office door or on your house, a door lever should be simple to use when opening and closing a door.

Door Locks

The whole essence of having a lock on your door is to keep any foreign objects away from your secured room, office, or home. Whether it’s a stray cat or simply a staff member in your office you don’t want shuffling through your work.


Most commercial places prefer deadlocks and also some residential homes. They are known to be more secure than other locks and can be integrated with electronic locks. There has to be a specific key for a specific lock and any slight shift of key will automatically mean the lock won’t open.

Door Coordinators

A coordinator harmonizes the order by which a door(s) closes. They prove quite useful especially in case of a hazard. The left door leaf has to close before the right door leaf can be released. There are various types but the most common include fire-related coordinators, gravity coordinators, and double-door coordinators.

Door Hinges

You are not quite done with the selection of Door Hardware Types until you have considered the hinges to your door. There are a variety of door hinges to pick from but all are classified into two common ones: an exterior door hinge and an interior door hinge. There are a number of factors to weigh in when doing the selection but again only two are worth factoring in the sturdiness and the permanence. 

There is a drop-down list when it comes to Door Hardware Types, but perhaps with the above in place, you might have somewhere to start from. If still unsure which door handle will suit your door best, get in touch with C & D Locksmith. There are a variety of handles to choose from and you’ll get quotes and installation from experts and professionals.

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