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Types of door locks used in Residential Property

There are many types of door locks you can install for your homes. Choosing the right one depends on several factors such as price, installation, security level, and feasibility of the lock.

Here are some of the popular door locks used in many households in the United States. We included some descriptions regarding its mechanism and operation.

Types of door locks used in Residential Property

Door Knob Locks

This type is commonly used for indoor locks in many houses. They have affordable price compared to deadbolt locks but it is not suitable for exterior doors on any residences. Door knob locks are vulnerable to hammering and huge force application.

Deadbolt Locks

These types are excellent for exterior door locks in every residence. They provide better security and higher resistance against heavy blows and forceful entry because of its structure and hardened steel material. There are three types of deadbolt locks – single, double, and thumb-turn.


These types are never installed permanently on any door. They come in various sizes and very versatile in its function. Some padlocks are activated by keys while others have number codes in locking and unlocking.

Lever Locks

These locks are typically used for interior doors, and provides an easier way of opening and locking with its lever handle. This type is also ideal for people with disability due to its lever handle, making it easier to grab and turn.

Euro Cylinders

These types are used in Europe and several parts of North America. It comes in three varieties – single cylinder,double, and single cylinder thumbturn activated. Installing this lock requires one screw passing through the cross-section of the cylinder.

Cam Locks

These types of locks are oftentimes used for situations requiring lower security level such as mailboxes and cabinets. Cam locks come in different lengths of tailpieces where another security feature can be incorporated. The rotation of the tailpieces is limited to 180 and 90 degrees.

Mortise/Rim Locks

These types of locks are used in latches that is mounted on the interior side of the door. It requires two screws to hold the rim lock on the interior side of the door. They use cams to activate its lock and unlock functions.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

These lock types are typically used in apartments because there is less alteration with the doors. They have a jamb bracket which helps prevent any forceful battering or jamming from the exterior side of the door.

Rim Latch Locks

This type consists of a latch lock mounted on one side and a rim cylinder on the opposite side. Rim latch locks provides a medium level security, so you need to pair with another locking system. Likewise, rim latch can do auto lock function for the exterior side of the door.

Smart/Electronic Locks

These types are the advance and modern ones used in residential and commercial establishments. It is commonly activated by electrical pulses by encoding the right pass codes, card readers, radio frequencies, remote control, and biometric scanning of fingerprints and retina.

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