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Tips to handle the Lockout Situation

All of us are always on the rush to catch up with everything related to work and life. Consequently, our fast paced of living leads to a higher risk of misplacing keys or leaving them inside your house, office or car. There will be instances where we will inevitably experience a lockout from our premises or vehicles.

This situation is a total bummer, but we have some helpful tips that might help you positively face this challenging endeavor. Likewise, the advances in technology is an excellent factor contributing to resolving these circumstances quickly.

Tips to handle the Lockout Situation

Here are some tips that might help you safely get out from lockouts

1. Stay Calm. Do your best to stay calm in these situations. With a calm mind, you would be able to think and plan clearly on how to resolve these issues. Likewise, if you do not panic, you are preventing opportunistic criminals from getting into you and taking advantage of your situation.

2. Always Secure a Spare Key. It is best if you keep a spare in a place that is readily accessible, and only and your family knows it.

3. Call your Family. If there are no spare keys, it is best to call your family or relatives for help. They are your first level of assistance for any emergency situations. Second option to call are your friends.

4. Check for other entry points. Whether you are locked out from your home, office, or vehicle, it is good to check for other entry points. These can be an open door, window, or garage.

5. Try to pick the lock. Picking or jimmying a lock depends on its type and if it is a manual one. You can use a credit card or other tools to try picking your lock. If it is an electronic lock, you will be having a difficult time breaking it. Worse, breaking an electronic and automated lock can lead to malfunction and would cost you more.

6. Unscrew the Lock. Are there screws visible on the exterior side of the lock? If there are, then secure a screwdriver and try to loosen them. By doing this, you might be able to disassemble the lock.

7. Call A Reliable and Credible Locksmith. If all options fail, the last thing to do is to avail the service of a professional locksmith near your place. Most locksmiths provide a 24-hour emergency lockout service in town.

Ways to Prevent Lockouts in the Future

Rule of thumb, prevention is always better than cure. There are simple and practical ways of preventing yourself from the hassle and frustration of a lockout. Below are some tips we want to share to easily resolve lockouts in the future.

1. Provide a duplicate key to your trusted neighbors or family
It is good to have your keys duplicated and provide a copy to your trusted neighbors or family. In case you forgot to place a spare key in your secret place, you can readily get one from them.

2. Keep Your Duplicate Key in a Secret Place
If you do not trust your neighbor or your relatives are living far from your place, then hiding your duplicate keys in a secret place is a brilliant option. Likewise, make sure the other family members know where it is hidden, so if you tend to forget, you can ask them.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
We understand you have a lot of things in mind, which leads to a higher risk of forgetting or misplacing your keys. Make it a habit to place your keys near the door that is visible and easy to recall. Every time you go out of the house or office, practice placing and grabbing your keys on those key holders.

4. Keyless Door Installation.
This option is best for people who hate keeping and maintaining keys. With the advances in technology, there are several options of securing your home without the need of a physical metal key. You can choose electronic lock systems activated by pass codes, card reader, biometric scanning, or through your mobile phones.

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