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Lake Worth Florida – All you Need to Know

Lake Worth is a beautiful city in Palm Beach County, Florida which is definitely a main center of attraction for both tourists and visitors in The United States. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Lake Worth city including beach sides and small cafes. Basically, the name of this city is deprived from the name of a beautiful lake named Lake Worth Lagoon that passes nearby this city. The overall weather of this city throughout the year remains very charming and delightful. Tourists love to visit this city everytime they get a chance. Because Lake Worth city is located near Florida, that’s why tourists frequently come to this place to enjoy their weekends and holidays.

The people of this city are very co-operative and friendly in nature. However, the only drawback of this beautiful city is that the crime rate of Lake Worth is much higher than the rest of the cities. According to a report, the crime rate in Lake Worth Florida is almost 50% more than the national crime rate percentage. This is not really very convincing and the authorities must take necessary actions to reduce crime rate percentage.
Dense forests and side beach spots of Lake Worth Florida are lovely places and a must-visit spots for everyone. Tourists can take a sunbath on an open beach and can relax for as long as they want. A Lot of small cafes and restaurants are located on the tourist spots from where you can buy your mug of beer to chill around the place.
Further in this blog, we are going to tell you more about the different places so that you can explore the wonders of this beautiful city and can plan a holiday with your family or friends to enjoy.

Popular Places in Lake Worth Florida 

There are a lot of tourist spots and popular places present in this beautiful city of Florida. You can visit nearby ocean places and enjoy with your friends. Beautiful sunset view near the beach in the evening time is a must-watch scenery. You can click beautiful photos there to make some awesome memories. Lake Worth Florida is also known for its wonderful cultural art programs, art galleries and popular museums.
There are thousands of shops present inside the small street of the city where you can buy attractive articles and their cultural crafts. You can roam around the city with your mates and can explore the beauty of their culture. Some of the most popular places of Lake Worth Florida where you must visit are:
Lake Worth Casino building and beach complex: This place is surely a very great place to visit in Lake Worth Florida which is located near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the new casino building is almost similar to the previous building structure that was made in the 1920’s. This beautiful building is a historic place for the people of Lake Worth Florida which reminds them of the famous fishing spot for the locals, William O.Lockhart Municipal pier. Delicious Seafood and other American breakfast items like pastries are available on this spot.
Snook Island Natural Area: This tourist spot is another very convincing place of Lake Worth Florida which provides 100 acres of wetland to the natural habitat. A big-sized wooden platform of about 545-foot long is constructed on which tourists can roam around and can see the natural wetland habitat. Tropical birds like pelicans, egrets and even sharks are the habitats of this place.
HATCH: To explore the real wonder of divine art and fine culture of Lake Worth Florida, you must visit HATCH building which is located near the intersection of FEC Railroads track and Lucerne Avenue. LULA operates the exhibition space of this spot. There are two main streets located near the downtown lake Worth from which LULA name is deprived. The first street is named Lucerne Avenue LU and the second one is Lake Avenue LA.
The BENZAITEN Center for Creative Arts: To explore the wonderful cultural arts of Lake Worth Florida, the benzaiten center for creative arts is a must-visit place. This big-sized complex has a wonderful glass studio where the local artisans display their art and skills.
Bamboo Room: Bamboo room is such a wonderful place to visit where you can get peace and little entertainment to relax. Here, you can enjoy classical music, jazz and indie rock music and chill around while sitting on a comfortable sofa. The Bamboo room is one of the most famous places in South Florida to enjoy live music sessions while chilling out with your friends and family.

Geography of Lake Worth Florida 

Lake Worth Florida is a small coastal city in Palm Beach County, South Florida that is located at 26°37′11″N 80°3′31″W. This city neighbours West Palm Beach and the estimated difference between the two cities is expected to be 7Miles by road. However, the approximate distance between North Miami and Lake Worth is around 64 miles.
Many tropical plants grow in Lake Worth city among the more prominent examples are mahogany etc. This city also provides a tropical habitat to palm species like Coconut Palm etc.
There are many different geographical zones which have their own physical importance. Along the eastern border of Lake Worth city, a popular lake named “Lake Worth Lagoon” flows which has its own history and importance for the people. There are basically six main physical zones in which Palm Beach County is divided where Lake Worth city is located. Most of the physical zones are divided by water bodies named like Atlantic Ocean, Barrier Islands, Lakes and Lagoons, Swamps and Marshes, Lake Okeechobee and sandy flatlands etc.
The southeastern coast is surrounded by the Atlantic Coastal Ridge. This surrounding creates a natural ridge or barrier alongside Palm Beach County. Moreover, to the west of these islands, the popular Lake Worth Lagoon is located.

Demographics of Lake Worth Florida

If we talk about the demographics of Lake Worth Florida, then according to 2010 census, there were around 16,000 households. The population of Lake Worth Beach was calculated to approximately 34,910 as compared to the total population of 1,320,134 of Palm Beach county. Around 30 percent of the people of Lake Worth Beach are below the poverty line. Whereas, the rest of the population of Lake Worth Beach has a median income of almost $35,500 and falls above the poverty line.
The population of Lake Worth Beach is not too high as compared to other cities of The United States. Most of the population is engaged in Fisherman services and spoke english language. Almost 28 percent of the total population speaks in Spanish language while others speak english and french. Moreover, according to the 2000 census of America, around 4.87% of the population of Lake Worth Beach are Guatemalan Residents. The population distribution of this city based on different nationalities is great in all parameters.

History of Lake Worth Florida 

The name of this city was based on a water body named Lake Worth Lagoon that flows along the eastern border of the city. Indeginous people who are popularly known as Jaega were the first and earliest known inhabitants to this city. The habitation of human beings is fastly processed by an american african couple who first came here and remembered as ex-slaves. They settled themselves near the shores of Lake Worth Lagoon. They got their first land in late 1887 holding a massive space of 187 acres of land with them. Slowly with time, we investors and developers came to this place and started rehabilitating humans by constructing houses and other buildings. This city was a big habitat for various different tropical and palm species. Dense forests are present in Lake Worth Florida where a wide variety of trees can be found. Various water bodies like the Atlantic ocean, Lake Worth Lagoon flows nearby it that makes human habitat possible there.
The history of this city is really diversified that can be observed by their great culture and art. People of different cultures and religions live here happily with a sense of calmness and friendliness. There are many different historic monuments built in this city that are remarkable to watch and visit. History of Lake Worth Florida is its main centre of attraction for tourism. A lot of wooden houses and small apartments have been built on the seashore facing side. Tourists can stay there and experience the devastic history and culture of the people of Lake Worth Florida. All these houses are selling rapidly due to a great sea facing scenery which everyone wants to view everyday.

Educational Institutes in Lake Worth Florida 

There are many educational institutes built in Lake Worth Florida as a part of the School District of Palm Beach County. Basically, there are mainly four public elementary schools in Lake Worth that are South grade Elementary, North Grade Elementary, Highland Elementary and Barton elementary. All these educational institutes are pretty much popular and students of Palm Beach County come here to study. The main focus is to provide quality education over other curricular activities. Main campus of Popular Palm Beach State College is also located in unincorporated Lake Worth which is the oldest community college in Florida. The overall education system is quite decent in Lake Worth having elementary schools and State colleges as well.

Why visit Lake Worth Florida? 

Apart from the diverse culture and habitat of Lake Worth Florida, this place has emerged to be one of the best tourist spots in America where you can enjoy with your family. Beachside places and Ocean shores are great places to visit in Lake Worth. Moreover, several different historical monuments that are mentioned above also make this city a must-visit place during holidays. You will see natural habitat of palm and tropical species. Dense forests with amazing weather is the best combo for your upcoming holidays in Lake Worth Beach. There is no reason why you should not visit Lake Worth at least once in your lifetime.
As this city falls under Palm Beach County, that’s why it is continuously growing and developing like never before. Proper road connectivity with other neighbouring cities like Miami makes it even more convenient for the people to visit this city anytime they want. The people of Lake Worth are really very great who are always ready to help each other whenever possible. There are a lot of tourist guide agencies available in Lake Worth that will help you to explore other hidden wonders of this historic city. You can hire any of them and can go for sight-seeing. Lake Worth Lagoon is definitely a must-visit place and don’t forget to visit there. Natural wetland habitats can be viewed there when you visit. Other cultural monuments and museums are a great place to view the talent and skills of the artists of Lake Worth. Casinos are also built in Lake Worth that creates more tourism in the city. Roadside shops and cultural activity shows are also a great thing to watch in this city.
Though the huge crime rate of Lake Worth is not a great thing for tourism, still we all recommend you to not cancel your trip to Lake Worth as crime only happens in backward areas. You can visit the main city and beachside places of Lake Worth to chill and enjoy to the fullest. Small restaurants and cafes are also a great place to visit where you can have your drinks and snacks at affordable prices. If you love to listen to classical music, then there are many different spots in the city where you can book your seat and can enjoy live classical music performances. Lake Worth is a wonderful city which is an underrated tourist spot. However, we will observe a huge growth in the tourism sector of this city in the upcoming years when the crime rate becomes zero.

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