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How To Ensure You Purchase The BEST Access Control System

An Access Control System is a system which manages the in and out of your home or offices. This system started from manual operation to automated ones run by software technologies.

Standard metal keys and locks are the tools used for the manual access control system, while modern and complicated ones are activated by electrical pulses, card readers, sound waves or frequencies, and biometric scanning.

How To Ensure You Purchase The BEST Access Control System

What are the Three Types of Access Control System

Looking for the right access control system takes more than just controlling and monitoring who comes in and out of your premises. It must also have the capacity to protect that information you have in your homes and offices.

In general, there are three types of access control system you can choose from in the market. Below are the classifications and descriptions of each type.

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) – This type of access control system is used in homes and business offices. Typically, this system assigns a certain access to a specific position in a company. It removes the hassle of giving all access to all people, which also minimizes the risk of having intrusion.
  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC) – This type is commonly implemented to organizations which require high-level security in order to protect confidential information like the ones in the military. This type of access control system segregates all users and allows them access once they submit and pass through the security procedures.
  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC) – Among the three types, this one is the most flexible and with greater span of control. The owner gets to decide who can gain access into the premises and information.

Once allowed access, the person has control over all things and the same     level of access is permitted to other sections. The main drawback of this     type is the high risk for malware, disruption and stealing of information.

What are some Tips in Looking for the Best Access Control System

1. Requirement Must Match Functionality of the System

Choosing and buying an access control system is a long-term investment, so you need to properly gauge if its functionality match your security level requirements.

For home security level, buying a top of the line Mandatory Access Control (MAC) would be impractical as it is expensive and there is less very confidential information to be kept inside your home. There are other means you can protect vital information in your home which does not require installing a pricey MAC system.

2. System Features

For business operations, it is critical to evaluate the viability and practicality of the features of a specific access control system. It must be able to provide excellent assistance for daily operations such as inventory monitoring, prevention of theft, quality control, and more.

3.Gauge Customer Feedback

In all business entities, an access control system will definitely affect the convenience of customers in making transactions. If the system is impractical and inconvenient in processing customer transactions, this results to negative or bad customer feedback.

4. Market Research

Oftentimes, the availability of hundreds of access control systems makes the entire choosing process more complicated. It is best if you do some homework on the best access control systems available in the market for your requirement.

5.Is it Good for Long-Term Usage?

Bear in mind, installing an access control system is costly and you cannot easily replace it once you have experience little inconveniences. For business institutions, it takes several departments and heads to evaluate the feasibility of a certain access control system.

What is the average cost of a card access control system

Card Access Control System is one of the most popular types used by many small and large business organizations. It provides sufficient security level for various sections of the company. Likewise, some firms even complements this with ID cards that are scanned for a specific radio frequency access code.

Average cost

  • High-level security – $1,500 to $2,500 for every door which gives access to150 personnel
  • $2,500 to $3,500 – 150 personnel having access to two to three doors
  • $10,000 to $15,000 – Multiple door access for 300 personnel

Estimated Price Breakdown

■ $10 to $100 /month – service charge

■ $3 to $5 for each key card

■ $1,000 to $1,500 – installation of the hardware for each door

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