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How to avoid Car lockout

With several things in mind and the pressure to catch up with work and family, it is too late to realize we left our car keys inside. Car lockouts are a critical concern particularly when you have a business meeting or emergency to catch up.

To avoid the hassle and time wastage, here are a few tips we want to share to avoid being locked out of your car.

How to avoid Car lockout

Tip #1 Create a Habit

It is a good strategy to make a good habit in ensuring car keys and other important stuff before exiting your vehicle. This habit can include checking your engine, window and door locks, car keys, wallet, and mobile phones. Practice this habit before getting out of your car.

Tip #2 Use a carabiner or lanyard

There will be several instances that your hands are full, so you need a simple tool to hold your car keys intact with your body. You can use a lanyard or carabiner to attach your car keys. If your car keys are still stuck in the ignition cylinder or in your car seat, these simple tools will serve as a good reminder.

Moreover, you can have a separate copy of your car keys for your lanyard and carabiner. A lanyard is a strap or cord made of polyester that is worn around your shoulder, wrist or neck. Meanwhile, a carabiner is a metal loop with its gate spring-loaded to automatically close after opening.

Tip #3 Secure a copy of your car keys and place it in your wallet or pocket

It is best to create duplicates of your car keys aside from the ones attached in your lanyard and carabiner. You can place these copies in your pocket or wallet.

Tip #4 Keep a spare key in your office or home

Your home and office are the two common places where you mostly go to. It is also best to leave a spare car key in your office table and key holder near the main door of your home.

How much does it cost to hire a locksmith for car lockout services?

Bear in mind, the rate for car lockout services vary depending on the market rate of the city and the complexity of your car locking system.

If you want your car doors unlock, the average cost you can pay for a locksmith is around $30 to $50. Moreover, if you want your car door locks be replaced, the average cost is between $25 to $130.

What are other Auto Locksmith Services?

Aside from car key duplication and car lockout services, locksmith firms offer an array of auto locksmith services which include the following

  • Removing stuck car keys in ignition cylinders
  • Replacing ignition cylinders
  • Repair and installation of electronic anti-theft security systems
  • Car lockout services for keyless entry or remote control

There are several locksmith service providers in town, but you have to be cautious in availing a credible and reliable one. You have to hire those locksmiths that are licensed and bonded. Likewise, try doing market research on their track record and customer feedback.

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