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Dealership Vs Locksmith

After locking yourself out of your car or losing your car keys, you are likely to make a service call or two before you can get your day back on track. You could call a dealership, or you could call a locksmith.

With a dealership, the best they do on-site is offer you a replacement key for your lost key. They lack the means and tools for opening your car door without your key. A locksmith, on the other hand, has the expertise and tools needed and will get to open your car door without a replacement key.

When you’re choosing a replacement service from either a dealership or locksmith you should consider:


Time Efficiency

Dealerships are great when your vehicle has run into several problems as they have the expertise to offer different services when needed. This also translates to a longer wait time as dispensing their services can be time-consuming while working with other customers.

Locksmiths on the other hand are professionally specialized to handle only lock and key issues. This goes a long way saving you enough trouble for the day as they’ll replace your car keys in a matter of hours.


Both services from a dealership and a mobile locksmith are the same, replacement of your car key, but which of the two is affordable?

Dealerships are generally more expensive in their car services than most mechanics and so is the case in car key replacements than locksmith services. It is economical and pocket-friendly getting your car key replaced by a mobile locksmith than a dealership.


The thing with you losing your car keys is that it’s not something planned to happen, it can happen at any time when you least expect it. When your car keys are lost, the car key replacement service has to be treated with the urgency it deserves. A locksmith is readily available to replace your car key as they are more flexible and mobile as compared to a dealership.

Losing your car keys can be considered an emergency as you are rendered immobile. For faster and quality car replacement services, you should engage a locksmith. Moreso, looking for an economical option, consider a locksmith as the dealership will have to tow your car, spiking costs in the process. Get in touch with C & D Locksmith for your car key trouble and get quotes and help from professional locksmiths.

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