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Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Lock? If So, How?

Did you lose your key and are now looking to replace your locks so you can get convenient access to your property again? But why buy a new door lock when you can just have your door lock’s keys replaced, so you don’t have to shoulder the expense of replacing your door locks, right? In this article, you can learn how locksmiths can create a new key without the original key by using the lock, so you don’t have to buy new locks unless you really have to.

Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Lock? If So, How?

Why get a key replacement instead of replacing your door locks

If you lost your key, you don’t have to replace your door locks just to get a new key because locksmiths can still provide you with a new key even without the original key. While it takes a more challenging and time-consuming process, it’s still possible for locksmiths to do it.

Another reason is if money isn’t an issue to you and you really like the door locks you already have, you can get new keys manufactured without the original too. In this way, you can keep your favorite door locks and enjoy a new set of keys.

Produce a key using the code

If necessary, a locksmith will disassemble the door lock to get and crack the key’s code. By cracking the code, locksmiths can then cut a key that matches the lock’s code.

Locksmiths get the code by disassembling the lock and looking at the pins and how they work. The locksmith will check the length of each pin and the order of the pins to figure it out. 

Impressioning the key

Locksmiths can use the key to produce a new one. Unlike the first method, locksmiths don’t have to disassemble the lock when using this method. 

To do this, a locksmith will use a blank key, which is inserted and turned in the lock’s cylinder. When the lock’s pins press into the blank key, it leaves marks on the blank. Using these marks, locksmiths can use key-cutting equipment to cut a new replacement key.

However, since it relies on marks, it may take locksmiths multiple attempts to do it successfully. While the first key may work, it takes time and good key-cutting equipment to make a key that works every time.

Get your new key made from a lock and without the original

At C & D Locksmith, our professional team of locksmiths can make a key without needing the original key and just by using the lock. We have also invested in the best key-cutting equipment to make sure our locksmiths have everything they need, so you can get high-quality key replacements in Lake Worth, FL, even if you don’t have your original keys. 

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