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Best Spots To Install Commercial Security Cameras

Having the best security for a commercial building ensures that business people sleep at peace, knowing that their goods and profits are safe. Additionally, a secure commercial space means that you can enjoy your life free from the stress related to insurance claims. Here are the spots to install commercial security cameras:


Front Door

Many people assume that burglars get into homes or businesses through back doors, but this isn’t always the case. That is why it is important to have a camera at your front door to discourage potential burglars and keep a record of everyone who enters your business premises.

Parking And Driveway

Having functioning cameras in your commercial parking and driveways is an excellent way of keeping track of people’s movement in and out of your business. Burglars and thieves take advantage of weaknesses in cameras and other security systems, so ensure that your cameras are functioning properly. It is also vital to ensure that there are no blind spots, so the cameras should cover all the angles.


Before a robbery, the thieves usually sent someone to scope the commercial building and detect any weaknesses in its security. By having a camera in your yard, you will easily spot people spying at your business and take action.

Supply Room

Although items stored in supply rooms may seem insignificant, repeated theft can lead to heavy losses because they must be replaced. Installing cameras in supply rooms will discourage employees who may be interested in robbing you. Moreover, these cameras will capture all the activities going on in these rooms, thus discouraging misuse.

Reception Desks

Guests and potential burglars alike must report at the reception desk before being allowed inside business premises. That is why it is vital to install discreet security cameras at the reception desk to keep track of everybody moving in and out of your business. Data from these cameras can be vital in detecting suspicious people getting in your business and even employees leaving at odd hours.

Ensuring the safety of your business should be a top priority, and you should work with the best locksmith to achieve this. C & D Locksmith is a reliable company who will ensure your business security is at the best level so that you can be at peace wherever you are. Call us today and enjoy our superior quality locksmithing services.

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