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4 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

Most modern house today install sliding doors facing the sunrise or the beautiful scenery in their home. However, this aesthetic provides less security against opportunistic criminals as this type of doors are very easy to open and compromise.

For you to enjoy the beauty of sliding doors, you need to reinforce its security features with our four tips. Below are some of our tips for reinforcing the security level of your glass sliding doors.

4 Ways to Secure Your Glass Sliding Door

Why are glass sliding doors easy to open and compromise

Glass sliding doors do not use solid lock systems rather latches which are easily compromised. These kinds of doors are breakable and can be lifted and removed from its track. All these things contribute to the vulnerability of a glass sliding door.

Tips for Reinforcing Your Glass Sliding Door

#1 Insert Blocking Bars

The latch of sliding doors might fail but inserting a metal or wooden bar on its sliding track will prevent the criminal from pushing the door aside. The length of the blocking bar must only leave around 0.25” opening.

#2 Install Shatterproof Glass Film

A see-through film made from polyester material which adds sufficient strength to your glass doors to resist breaking and scratches. Aside from that, to have further hardness, you can choose a thicker glass door with components of fiberglass material.

#3 Install Additional Security Features

Glass sliding doors uses latches that have a weak structure, vulnerable for breaking. Hence, you need to install additional security features to secure your home and offices.

Here are some additional security mechanism you can install for your glass sliding doors.

  • Door Loop Lock – This lock is made from hardened steel that is installed at the bottom section of the sliding door.
  • Patio Door Lock – This type of lock prevents the sliding door from being jiggled. You need to bolt it pass through the sliding door. You lock this by moving its pin toward the base plate of the door frame.

#4 Install an automated electronic security system

You need to take advantage with the advancement of technology by installing an electronic door alarm system and CCTV cameras. With this, you will have an extra monitoring system for any forceful attempt in jamming your glass sliding doors.

Other electronic alarm security you can install are GE alarm and wireless detector for vibration and glass breaking. Both alarm system produces a loud sound alarm to warn the owners and scare off opportunistic criminals. These extra alarm systems are easy to install and you have to prepare extra budget for it.

Wrap Up

Those were our tips for reinforcing your glass sliding doors so burglars won’t be able to breach the security of your home and offices. Moreover, you need to properly maintain the tracks and rollers of your sliding doors.

The plastic rollers must be checked if they still roll smoothly. If it rolls roughly, there is a higher risk of easily lifting the sliding door. The tracks must also be cleaned from any dust and debris to ensure smooth movement of the rollers.

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