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4 Types of Door Closers

Are you tired of people going in and out of your establishment without closing the door properly, and you have to close it yourself? Furthermore, is it causing other disadvantages such as high electricity bills as your heating and cooling system has to work more?

If you want to keep your doors closed all the time, the best way is to get a door closer. However, while they all do the same job, different door closers have different types.

4 Types of Door Closers

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To help you pick the right product, here are the different door closer types and what makes them unique.

  1. Floor-spring door closer

If you have a sizable budget and seek a functional door closer but still want to maintain your office’s aesthetics, a floor-spring door closer should be one of your choices.

But, how can they help how a room looks? Since they are mounted on the floor, this door closer doesn’t have the visible arm that other types of door closers have on the top of the door frame.

To keep your doors closed while still maintaining aesthetics, C & D Locksmith offers affordable and reliable floor-spring door closers.

  1. Overhead door closer

The overhead door closer is the most common type of door closer that you can see in most commercial settings and offices. Because they are cost-effective, overhead door closers are very attractive for businesses.

There are three types of overhead door closers:

  • Regular arm – Regular arms is a door closing application attached outside the door. It uses two arms, one on the door and one on a spring-loaded box.
  • Parallel arm – This type uses two arms that works with a spring-loaded box attached to the door.
  • Top jamb – The top jamb is similar to the regular arm application because it has arms attached to the door, with the only difference being that the spring-loaded box is attached to the frame instead of the door itself. This feature is useful for glass and aluminum doors.

Overhead door closers do what they are supposed to do effectively. If you’re looking to get them, our experienced and reliable locksmiths can install it for you.

  1. Concealed door  closer

Concealed door closers are a better aesthetic option compared to the overhead door closer. This type of closer is attached to the door frame, so they stay hidden.

It can either use a spring-loaded box or hydraulics, and if you can’t choose between the two, we can help you make the right decision. Just call us and we’ll answer your questions immediately with our guaranteed 15-minutes response time.

  1. Surface-mounted door closer

Surface-mounted door closers can be attached to the door frame. It has a bar on the back of the door that keeps it closed. While the arms still stand out, surface-mounted door closers look good, and you can find a color that will fit with the room.

Finding the right door closer

Looking for door closers is all about knowing what you want in a door closer and if you’re content with function or want it to look good as well.

For a wide variety of door closer products and experienced and reliable locksmiths, visit C & D Locksmith now.

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